K.RAVE - Menu Design

K.RAVE asked Nibble Media to produce an attractive and intriguing new menu that perfectly reflected their personality and voice while also making their brand stand out. We created a fun and engaging new design that really makes K.RAVE stand out among their competitors.

Here is how our team worked their magic...

• We planned out the entire design of the menu to help achieve our client' goals, making sure every element was relevant to their brand and remained consistent throughout.

• We designed each aspect of the menu including colour scheme, fonts and the layout.  Our client was aiming for a lot of personality in their menu and the various bright colours, shapes and images make it really fun and interesting for the reader. While there is a lot going on on the menu, we ensured each section was clearly separated and titled to make it easy to digest.

• We created all the copy for the menus including headings, dishes and their descriptions. Without photos, we needed to perfectly describe each dish and intrigue the customer in only a few words.

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