Heeton Hotels


Heeton Hotels - Videography

Heeton Hotels asked us to produce a range of videos to promote their chain of four hotels across the UK. We used our talented videographer's skills and knowledge to tell the story from start to finish of their customer's enjoying their stay at locations in London, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

Here is how we helped showcase Heeton Hotels...

• Our team created a compelling script to entertain the audience and meet the client's criteria.

• We used the latest equipment to capture the perfect shots around the client's hotels, following our own own model as they check in and benefit from their pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

• Our talented videographers used their expansive knowledge to use various techniques and lighting to get the best out of the videos

• We transformed each clip into a brilliant promotional video by using the latest video and audio editing software, as well as adding upbeat music to keep the audience entertained and engaged.

• Heeton Hotels' videos were transformed into flawless films that did a brilliant job of promoting the client. We delivered them ready to go so they could select which ones they wanted to use on the relevant platforms.

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