Heeton Hotels


Heeton Hotels - Sales Brochure

We were tasked with producing a smart and engaging sales brochure for Heeton Hotels - a chain of four and five-star hotels across the UK. Our client wanted to utilise the brochures to showcase their hotels at various conferences and trade shows as they looked to drive sales up. While we aimed to promote each individual hotel, we also produced visually appealing content on the hotel's surroundings to promote their location.

Here is how Nibble Media successfully helped grow Heeton Hotels' customer base...

• Crafted long-form and short-form copy to entice the reader and attract potential customers

• Our talented photographers snapped visually appealing photos of interiors, exteriors and views from the hotels

• Used the latest software and tools to create eye-catching graphics

• Kept the logos, colour schemes, text and other elements consistent to improve brand awareness

• Printed the brochures to a high quality so they were ready to be delivered straight to the client's target audience

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