Croma - Uniform

Nibble Media were asked to produce high-quality, smart aprons for Croma. The uniform needed to be easily recognisable as our client's staff and also look professional and appealing to the customers.

• We designed the aprons from scratch - sticking with Croma's colour scheme of blue and white to make sure it was relevant to their brand.

• We included Croma's logo and name as the main focus on the apron - keeping it simple and smart.

• Once we had designed the apron, we had them delivered straight to their restaurants so the staff could try them on and wear them in and out of the kitchen.

• These aprons increased Croma's brand reputation, improved the brand awareness and also created a sense of professionalism from a customer's point of view.

• Uniforms can also be used to promote as merchandise, with many customers likely to buy aprons to use at home. This can offer client's an additional revenue stream and increase their loyal customer base.

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