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As one of the most highly rated restaurants in the area, we wanted to show exactly why Blacksticks is so popular through their engaging photos, videos, graphics and more. Nibble Media did a brilliant job at enhancing their online presence, while also creating a close-knit community among their customer base.

Here is how we did it...

• Our social media team carried out social media audits to assess the current state of our client's social media presence so we could identify areas for further improvement.

• We are eager to satisfy our clients, so we will make sure that our social media strategies align with their specific business goals and will appeal to their specific target audience.

• We developed social media content calendars that outlined the frequency and type of content to be shared across all platforms. We could then also schedule and publish content at optimal times to reach the desired audience and maximise engagement.

• We produced high-quality visual content that included graphics, videos and images that would appeal to Holiday Inn's customer base. It was clear that Blacksticks' mouth-watering dishes were what caught the eye of the target audience and so we filled up the feeds with our stunning photography. We also produced creative captions that were straight to the point but still informative and friendly.

• We kept engaged with the client's followers through responding to comments, messages and reviews to build a strong community and improved customer service.

• We regularly produced reports and analysis of their social media performance to track progress, identify trends and adjust strategies.

• We continuously monitored the current industry trends and algorithm changes to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge.

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