Ye Olde Mustard Pot


Ye Olde Mustard Pot - Videography

Ye Olde Mustard Pot tasked us with selling their latest menu of delightful pub grub including burgers, pies and fish and chips by capturing intriguing and eye-catching shots of their dishes being prepared and served up in their comfortable and snug pub.

• Our team created a compelling script to ensure the video was engaging, entertaining and intrigued the target audience.

• We used the latest equipment to capture the perfect shots around of the pub's interiors and exteriors, as well as mouth-watering clips of their food and drink.

• Our talented videographers used their expansive knowledge, various techniques and lighting to get the best out of the shoots.

• We transformed each clip into a stunning promotional video by using the latest video and audio editing software to cut together every eye-catching clip into one.

• Ye Olde Mustard Pot's video was completed to an extremely high standard and was delivered to the client ready to be published onto the relevant channels.

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