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Trafford Hall Hotel - Website Design

Nibble Media designed a fantastic website for Trafford Hall Hotel that reflected their brand, while also providing a positive user experience and attracting a wider target audience to both their hotel and restaurant.

Here is how our team did it...

• We planned the website's structure and layout through wireframe or sketches so we could picture exactly what was needed to transform our client's vision into reality.

• We designed the website's visual elements including colour scheme, typography and graphics using the latest software such a Adobe XD.

• We built Trafford Hall Hotel's entire website on Web Flow - an easy-to-use content management system that allows us to quickly and easily create a flawless site that represented their brand perfectly.

• We then tested the website's usability and functionality to ensure a seamless user experience.

• Our help didn't stop there. Once we had created the website, we continued to provide ongoing website maintenance and updates.

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