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Trafford Hall Hotel - Brand Design

Nibble Media did a brilliant job at refreshing Trafford Hall Hotel's brand logo to reflect their personality and create a much more memorable and eye-catching brand.

Here is how our team worked their magic...

• We created a stylish, unique brand logo using the latest software and tools to ensure our client stood out from their competition while also sticking in the customer's mind to help increase brand awareness.

• We carefully selected the perfect text font, size and colour that were both visually appealing and easy to read, while it also had to remain consistent with the rest of the brand.

• We curated and chose a range of colours that aligned with our client's brand personality, using them to create stunning and cohesive visuals to make the brand pop.

• Once we had produced a brilliant new set of brand assets, our client was able to bring them to life through business cards, social media banners and more.  

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