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We designed our own animation used on the Nibble Media website to promote our brand through eye-catching visuals. It also displayed the skills and talent our team have and showed the high quality of services we could provide to prospective clients - making it the perfect selling tool.

The animation showcases the four categories of projects that your company undertakes: Creative, Digital, Print, and Strategy.

• At the beginning of the video, a digital clock and a timeline signify the importance of project management for a marketing agency to deliver projects on time.

• In the middle of the video, there are camera and photo elements, a keyboard, social media icons, and a website with lines of code, which collectively represent the digital, creative, and strategy aspects of your company's work.

• Towards the end of the video, a poster is shown to signify the print projects your company can cater to.

• The animation effectively highlights your company's strengths and capabilities, making it an excellent tool for attracting potential clients.

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