The Hinchliffe Arms


Hinchliffe Arms - Menu Design

Hinchliffe Arms tasked Nibble Media with creating a very simple but effective menu design that would catch the eye of the customer and easily provide them with all the important information. Our minimalistic design helps focus on the content within it and also provides a postcard feel for the customers.

• We planned out the entire design of the menu to help achieve Hinchliffe Arms' goals, making sure each element was relevant to their brand and remained consistent.

• We designed each aspect of the menu including colour scheme, fonts and the layout. We decided against any major colours and stuck with basic black and white to add to the simplistic design and make them stand out from a lot of other similar pubs and restaurants.

• We created all the copy for the menus including headings, dishes and their descriptions. Given how minimal everything else on the menu was, the copy was very important in enticing the customer and giving them a better visual of what they were ordering.

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