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Nibble Media produced and distributed a highly effective and personalised email marketing campaign for to help increase engagement and communication, as well as improving brand recognition as their own individual hotel rather than the whole of the Holiday Inn chain.

Here is what our team did...

• We planned a campaign that would achieve the client's goals of increasing engagement and conversation rates, as well as building trust and consistency among their customers.

• We produced eye-catching email newsletters that included visually appealing images and custom graphics that stayed consistent throughout to increase brand recognition. We mainly used simple and colourful images to provide the main focus of each email to keep a stylish and sleek look that is enjoyable for the reader to browse.

• We took control of all the copy in the emails and carefully crafted each one to appear personal to the customer and also attract the attention of those scrolling through their unread messages.

• We utilised the audience's demographics, geographical location, interests and more to deliver unique emails and get the right message to the right people at the right time.

• Well included call to actions, catchy subject lines and more to catch the reader's attention and send them straight to the client's website. A large 'Book Online' button is likely to be the first thing someone sees when they click on an email.

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